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Show4me is a one-of-a-kind music interaction network designed to help musicians take your music career to new heights without financial risks and challenges most artists face on the way to popularity.

This is a single place where the fragmented music industry has been brought into one system that unites artists, fans and music industry professionals and helps build unique relationship with each other. This helps artists break into music industry, easily get noticed and monetize their music activities with fans directly involved in building their welfare.
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Over the last several years we have studied the unique challenges artists and music professionals are facing in today’s amazingly complex music industry. We have scrutinized various music services, platforms and marketplaces designed to help musicians monetize their music activities. We dived deep into their strengths and weaknesses to figure out why with their help only very few artists succeed while most struggle to make ends meet. We have spotted serious gaps and found the way to fill these gaps. We have created a unique music interaction network that will totally reinvent the music industry. That is how Show4me was born.

We areOn a mission
to level the playing field for DIY artists, open new opportunities for them to get fair reward and make a living doing what they truly love - creating music
What’s in it for you
Your dream life starts here
Unified easy-to-use system to take your music career to a new level
More time to focus on writing music, not being a jack-of-all-trades.
Freedom to create new masterpieces.
Сoncert and music crowdfunding model with fans pledging
Zero-loss and risk-free way to sell your music to the world.
No need to pre-fund the shows from your own or loaned money and take financial risks, or look for funds to prop you up.
Tools for fans engagement and retention with global fan base accumulated in one place
Immediate recognition and world popularity within months, not years.
World concerts done as easily as local events.
Unique end-to-end solutions to monetize your music activity
Stable revenue-generating professional activity vs occasional shows.
Hobby turned into income.
over 5000 musicians who are already in

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